2017 Hair Trends

 Long Shaggy Fringe

Getting banged is a sweet way to dabble in a change without losing the length or changing your haircut up completely.  You can wear them a little longer to sweep them to the side for a softer flow or just below your brows to have a Beatnik vibe

Natural Hair Textures & Waves

We don't always have time to fuss over blowing out our hair and fighting what it naturally wants to do, I think it's so important to know what your hair and lifestyle can handle to keep your look modern and effortless." Going with your natural texture can be Earthy and Sexy as long as it is controlled with the proper hair products. you can use oils, and various finishing products to define and enhance it depending on the look you are going for, choose the right product to go with your desired look.

Mid length to Long Hair
The lob has been wildly popular for years, but 2017's rendition is a bit different. The mid-length style has layers added to it maintaining the Lob shape, it is a stylish way to take your lob to the next level. It will move and look airy. Break out your blowdryer ladies because prediction is long, glossy hair and the blowout is back in full force. The girls that cut their hair shorter this past year will be ready to grow it.

Cool Girl Shags & Modern Rock Chick
What I love about this silhouette is that the cut really styles itself with soft lines and seamless layers, It can work on straight and wavy hair, long or short any way you slice it,  Rock Chicks and Shags are here to stay. Effortlessly Hip




Purple Shampoo Craze

Purple Shampoo Craze

Purple Shampoo Craze Whether you're a beach-babe golden blonde, a striking shade of ice white, or a stylish women of a certain age who prefers a hint of blue with her gray, there's a tried-and-true product for you. What's behind the magic of purple shampoos? How exactly how to choose the best one for your hair. "A very strong violet shampoo will help neutralize more yellow tones in blond, But, if the hair is too yellow, then the outcome will be flat and murky. You want to find the right tone for your hair. The tone in this drugstore cult classic is more pastel and less harsh, so it's good for daily use, or for buttery blondes who want to decrease brassiness The purple tones punch up icier color and remove the brass. Use with caution or you could end up with light violet hair.



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What is the difference between foils and balayage?

One of the hottest hair trends of the moment is Balayage, which will leave your hair with perfect sun-kissed highlights. When I think of this technique, I think of beach effect.

Balayage is a French word that refers to the process of sweeping, or painting, color onto hair. I've been getting Balayage hair color for years and I love it because my highlights are more natural than the precise, straight lines I got from foils. I've found that my Balayage hair requires very little maintenance because it grows out much more naturally than foil highlights, which are so precise, the line of demarcation is more obvious.

Who is the ideal Balayage client?

The client who is looking for low maintenance hair, She could be a brunette or a blond that wants a more "Rooty" feel which then allows her color to grow in a bit more natural. Doing foils on woman could result in too much coverage or too little. The in-between is easily achieved with Balayage. 

Source: www.janellevarada.com

Balayage vs Highlights

If considering having tresses highlighted and aren’t sure if traditional foil or balayage is the way to go, you’ve come to the right post! Balayage is defined as a hair coloring technique that results in natural-looking highlights. These highlights grow out without creating very noticeable, very obvious roots. The method hails from Paris, where it first gained popularity in the 1970s.

Traditional highlighting is defined as adding light pieces to hair to “mimic the effects of the sun.” So what’s the real difference between these two looks?

Balayage Application and Results

Balayage means “to sweep” in French. The sweeping technique is applied to locks using a paddle, which gives the colorist freedom to place color where he or she wants. Painted by hand, balayage Beverly Hills highlights start from the base of hair and go all the way down to the tip. Color is applied lightly around hair base and gets heavier as it’s worked down through tresses. The result is soft, blended, Sun-kissed highlights that  look and grow out naturally and beautifully.

Because this highlighting option grows out so well, it’s a very low-maintenance color choice. Examples of celebrities who regularly rock the balayage look include Jessica Biel, Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba to name a few.

Foil Highlight Application and Results

Traditional highlights are done with foil rather than a freehand technique. The foil is designed to isolate large and small sections of hair so strands are fully colored. Sections are painted and wrapped in foil either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Versatile in they may be used multiple ways, such as for Baby-fine highlights, This method is higher maintenance and must be “retouched” every 8 to 12 weeks. They do not grow out as naturally as a Balayage rather they leave a very clear line of regrowth.

While foil highlights can look just as fabulous and natural too depending on the colorist and what method of pickups they use. They continue to dwindle in popularity due to the way they grow out and the amount of time you have to spend doing hair coloring in Beverly Hills. Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston tend to favor this highlighting technique.

Below is Sun-kissed Balayage hair. Notice the root area is darker-not highlighted-as to give a natural, earthy feel and style that requires lower maintenance. Women generally Balayage 2-3 times a year max versus every 8-12 weeks with highlights.

And notice how the foil highlight method is just as lovely, It all comes down to how you want to look. How much time do you have to keep your look up. You should also factor in what can I afford to upkeep my hair in my budget. Balayage is lower maintenance over foil highlights. The looks are different yet both still sexy and natural when done correctly. It’s for you to decide which way to go and how you want to present your style and image.

See the difference between the two below.



Foil Highlights

Foil Highlights


Learn about balayage highlight options by contacting Janelle Varada today. 


BHB Beverly Hills Brazilian

The Brazilian blowout in Beverly Hills remains a favorite method for straightening tresses, as it seals liquid keratin and a preservation solution into strands using a hair iron. The result is shiny, super-straight hair. Unfortunately, many Brazilian companies specializing in blowout products sell toxin options that utilize formaldehyde. And while most companies have since switched to blowout treatments featuring glyoxylic acid, when heated the acid turns into formaldehyde.

Stylists and customers are subsequently still being harmed by toxic gases emitted from Brazilian blowout treatments, yet because of the glyoxylic acid are being told it’s safe.

The safety issue with this popular hair styling trend caused renowned Beverly Hills-based hair stylist Janelle Varada to create the BHB Collective Hair Product Line. The number-one choice of Brazilian Keratin Treatment by stylists in Beverly Hills and around the country, the line is the sustainable hair straightening treatment stylists and customers love.

Completely free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens, and of course formaldehyde in addition to a slew of other toxic chemicals, BHB is suited for all hair types. It includes a clarifying shampoo for removing product buildup and opening cuticles so hair is ready for the Botanical Keratin Hair Treatment System.

Formulated without formaldehyde to remove 80 to 100 percent of natural curl and frizz, the Botanical Keratin Hair Treatment System lasts up to five months when used with BHB aftercare products. The Sustaining Shampoo and Conditioner feature Amazonian rainforest botanical blends to extend the life of a blowout naturally and effectively.

Achieving a fabulous Brazilian blowout in Beverly Hills without the nasty chemicals is completely feasible with Janelle’s BHB system. Color services may be performed within 24 hours of receiving the Botanical Keratin Hair Treatment, making it possible to enjoy beautifully-colored, stick-straight locks.

For more on the BHB Collective Hair Product Line, please visit Beverly Hills Brazilian today. 

Have You Heard of Babylights?

You’ve heard of Ombre,Sombre and Balayage...but have you heard of Babylights?


Are Babylights in for the long proverbial haul? Much like Ombre color, Babylights are incredibly low-maintenance. They’re super-fine, which means they simply soften as hair grows out.

Maintaining the Babylights look requires scheduling appointments that aren’t too close together. If doing your full head, schedule appointments two months apart. If going for something subtle, schedule appointments 12 to 14 weeks apart.

The hair color trend for summer and beyond, Babylights are the epitome of natural-looking highlights. A fresh alternative to big streaks and old-fashioned 90’s Highlights, Babylights are soft, subtle, and beautifully natural-looking...in short, the perfect sun-streaked tresses similar to those you had as a child.


A Few Good Tips

Use color-safe versions of favorite hair care products just like you would any other time you get your hair colored. Heat-protective products are helpful when using heat tools, such as flat irons and blow dryers.


Focus Areas

The idea is to have baby-fine highlights around the hairline and crown in combination with a “soft graduation” of color around the ends of strands. The result is a sun-kissed look that enhances your hair’s tone.



Babylight application is similar to “regular” highlights, with the main difference the amount of hair in each foil, as well as the separation between each colored bit of hair. This is so Babylights blend effortlessly with your hair’s base color.


Any Hair Color...?

Don’t think Babylights are limited to blondes--brunettes and redheads can have fun with this hair color trend as well! Babylights are easily adjusted to suit any hair color and skin tone.


Low Maintenance

Because Babylights are done so gently, the lines never grow out “hard” and can be worn longer than most other highlighting methods.


Have a hot summer with your new Babylights! Schedule your next Beverly Hills cut and color with Janelle Varada today.


Beach Goddess Hair Just In Time For Summer

Summer beach hair is all about loose waves, golden touches, and perhaps a dash of sea salt. Inspired by iconic beach bunnies such as Brigette Bardot, beach-tastic summer hair is very achievable through the best hair colorist in Beverly Hills. Janelle Varada of the James Kendall Salon offers balayage hair color and plenty of other gorgeous options perfect for strutting in the California sun all summer long.

Let’s check out Janelle’s top tips for beach goddess hair:

Use Argan Oil

The combination of sun, pool chlorine, and salt water dry hair something fierce, so be sure to deep condition during summer months. Keep recently-colored tresses in excellent condition this summer by coating ends with Argan oil. A popular African nut-derived oil, castor and coconut oils also work wonders as deep conditioners. Try cutting castor oil with coconut or argan oil since it’s a bit thick, and massage it into the scalp as well as the ends of hair. Put a shower cap on and go to sleep for highly-moisturized strands come morning.

Go For Professionally-Done Highlights

Protect hair from the dreaded brassy look by having highlights and all other hair coloring done by your favorite Beverly Hills hair stylist. Janelle offers Olaplex as a hair treatment or color additive to prevent breakage when coloring, and can ensure the balayage or ombre look you want. Highlights look natural and beautiful, not raccoon tail-ish and dull.

Skip the Blow Dryer

Think about it: hair is already subject to dryness and damage from summer heat, so why torment it with your blow-dryer? Rather than drying strands out even more, allow hair to air-dry and braid it in loose braids. Leave braids in for a few hours, then take hair out and spray it with a texturizing mist. The result? Stunning, beachy waves!

For more on services available through the best hair color specialist in Beverly Hills, please contact Janelle Varada today.