Beach Goddess Hair Just In Time For Summer

Summer beach hair is all about loose waves, golden touches, and perhaps a dash of sea salt. Inspired by iconic beach bunnies such as Brigette Bardot, beach-tastic summer hair is very achievable through the best hair colorist in Beverly Hills. Janelle Varada of the James Kendall Salon offers balayage hair color and plenty of other gorgeous options perfect for strutting in the California sun all summer long.

Let’s check out Janelle’s top tips for beach goddess hair:

Use Argan Oil

The combination of sun, pool chlorine, and salt water dry hair something fierce, so be sure to deep condition during summer months. Keep recently-colored tresses in excellent condition this summer by coating ends with Argan oil. A popular African nut-derived oil, castor and coconut oils also work wonders as deep conditioners. Try cutting castor oil with coconut or argan oil since it’s a bit thick, and massage it into the scalp as well as the ends of hair. Put a shower cap on and go to sleep for highly-moisturized strands come morning.

Go For Professionally-Done Highlights

Protect hair from the dreaded brassy look by having highlights and all other hair coloring done by your favorite Beverly Hills hair stylist. Janelle offers Olaplex as a hair treatment or color additive to prevent breakage when coloring, and can ensure the balayage or ombre look you want. Highlights look natural and beautiful, not raccoon tail-ish and dull.

Skip the Blow Dryer

Think about it: hair is already subject to dryness and damage from summer heat, so why torment it with your blow-dryer? Rather than drying strands out even more, allow hair to air-dry and braid it in loose braids. Leave braids in for a few hours, then take hair out and spray it with a texturizing mist. The result? Stunning, beachy waves!

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