Have You Heard of Babylights?

You’ve heard of Ombre,Sombre and Balayage...but have you heard of Babylights?


Are Babylights in for the long proverbial haul? Much like Ombre color, Babylights are incredibly low-maintenance. They’re super-fine, which means they simply soften as hair grows out.

Maintaining the Babylights look requires scheduling appointments that aren’t too close together. If doing your full head, schedule appointments two months apart. If going for something subtle, schedule appointments 12 to 14 weeks apart.

The hair color trend for summer and beyond, Babylights are the epitome of natural-looking highlights. A fresh alternative to big streaks and old-fashioned 90’s Highlights, Babylights are soft, subtle, and beautifully natural-looking...in short, the perfect sun-streaked tresses similar to those you had as a child.


A Few Good Tips

Use color-safe versions of favorite hair care products just like you would any other time you get your hair colored. Heat-protective products are helpful when using heat tools, such as flat irons and blow dryers.


Focus Areas

The idea is to have baby-fine highlights around the hairline and crown in combination with a “soft graduation” of color around the ends of strands. The result is a sun-kissed look that enhances your hair’s tone.



Babylight application is similar to “regular” highlights, with the main difference the amount of hair in each foil, as well as the separation between each colored bit of hair. This is so Babylights blend effortlessly with your hair’s base color.


Any Hair Color...?

Don’t think Babylights are limited to blondes--brunettes and redheads can have fun with this hair color trend as well! Babylights are easily adjusted to suit any hair color and skin tone.


Low Maintenance

Because Babylights are done so gently, the lines never grow out “hard” and can be worn longer than most other highlighting methods.


Have a hot summer with your new Babylights! Schedule your next Beverly Hills cut and color with Janelle Varada today.