BHB Beverly Hills Brazilian

The Brazilian blowout in Beverly Hills remains a favorite method for straightening tresses, as it seals liquid keratin and a preservation solution into strands using a hair iron. The result is shiny, super-straight hair. Unfortunately, many Brazilian companies specializing in blowout products sell toxin options that utilize formaldehyde. And while most companies have since switched to blowout treatments featuring glyoxylic acid, when heated the acid turns into formaldehyde.

Stylists and customers are subsequently still being harmed by toxic gases emitted from Brazilian blowout treatments, yet because of the glyoxylic acid are being told it’s safe.

The safety issue with this popular hair styling trend caused renowned Beverly Hills-based hair stylist Janelle Varada to create the BHB Collective Hair Product Line. The number-one choice of Brazilian Keratin Treatment by stylists in Beverly Hills and around the country, the line is the sustainable hair straightening treatment stylists and customers love.

Completely free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens, and of course formaldehyde in addition to a slew of other toxic chemicals, BHB is suited for all hair types. It includes a clarifying shampoo for removing product buildup and opening cuticles so hair is ready for the Botanical Keratin Hair Treatment System.

Formulated without formaldehyde to remove 80 to 100 percent of natural curl and frizz, the Botanical Keratin Hair Treatment System lasts up to five months when used with BHB aftercare products. The Sustaining Shampoo and Conditioner feature Amazonian rainforest botanical blends to extend the life of a blowout naturally and effectively.

Achieving a fabulous Brazilian blowout in Beverly Hills without the nasty chemicals is completely feasible with Janelle’s BHB system. Color services may be performed within 24 hours of receiving the Botanical Keratin Hair Treatment, making it possible to enjoy beautifully-colored, stick-straight locks.

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