Balayage vs Highlights

If considering having tresses highlighted and aren’t sure if traditional foil or balayage is the way to go, you’ve come to the right post! Balayage is defined as a hair coloring technique that results in natural-looking highlights. These highlights grow out without creating very noticeable, very obvious roots. The method hails from Paris, where it first gained popularity in the 1970s.

Traditional highlighting is defined as adding light pieces to hair to “mimic the effects of the sun.” So what’s the real difference between these two looks?

Balayage Application and Results

Balayage means “to sweep” in French. The sweeping technique is applied to locks using a paddle, which gives the colorist freedom to place color where he or she wants. Painted by hand, balayage Beverly Hills highlights start from the base of hair and go all the way down to the tip. Color is applied lightly around hair base and gets heavier as it’s worked down through tresses. The result is soft, blended, Sun-kissed highlights that  look and grow out naturally and beautifully.

Because this highlighting option grows out so well, it’s a very low-maintenance color choice. Examples of celebrities who regularly rock the balayage look include Jessica Biel, Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba to name a few.

Foil Highlight Application and Results

Traditional highlights are done with foil rather than a freehand technique. The foil is designed to isolate large and small sections of hair so strands are fully colored. Sections are painted and wrapped in foil either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Versatile in they may be used multiple ways, such as for Baby-fine highlights, This method is higher maintenance and must be “retouched” every 8 to 12 weeks. They do not grow out as naturally as a Balayage rather they leave a very clear line of regrowth.

While foil highlights can look just as fabulous and natural too depending on the colorist and what method of pickups they use. They continue to dwindle in popularity due to the way they grow out and the amount of time you have to spend doing hair coloring in Beverly Hills. Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston tend to favor this highlighting technique.

Below is Sun-kissed Balayage hair. Notice the root area is darker-not highlighted-as to give a natural, earthy feel and style that requires lower maintenance. Women generally Balayage 2-3 times a year max versus every 8-12 weeks with highlights.

And notice how the foil highlight method is just as lovely, It all comes down to how you want to look. How much time do you have to keep your look up. You should also factor in what can I afford to upkeep my hair in my budget. Balayage is lower maintenance over foil highlights. The looks are different yet both still sexy and natural when done correctly. It’s for you to decide which way to go and how you want to present your style and image.

See the difference between the two below.



Foil Highlights

Foil Highlights


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