What is the difference between foils and balayage?

One of the hottest hair trends of the moment is Balayage, which will leave your hair with perfect sun-kissed highlights. When I think of this technique, I think of beach effect.

Balayage is a French word that refers to the process of sweeping, or painting, color onto hair. I've been getting Balayage hair color for years and I love it because my highlights are more natural than the precise, straight lines I got from foils. I've found that my Balayage hair requires very little maintenance because it grows out much more naturally than foil highlights, which are so precise, the line of demarcation is more obvious.

Who is the ideal Balayage client?

The client who is looking for low maintenance hair, She could be a brunette or a blond that wants a more "Rooty" feel which then allows her color to grow in a bit more natural. Doing foils on woman could result in too much coverage or too little. The in-between is easily achieved with Balayage. 

Source: www.janellevarada.com