2017 Hair Trends

 Long Shaggy Fringe

Getting banged is a sweet way to dabble in a change without losing the length or changing your haircut up completely.  You can wear them a little longer to sweep them to the side for a softer flow or just below your brows to have a Beatnik vibe

Natural Hair Textures & Waves

We don't always have time to fuss over blowing out our hair and fighting what it naturally wants to do, I think it's so important to know what your hair and lifestyle can handle to keep your look modern and effortless." Going with your natural texture can be Earthy and Sexy as long as it is controlled with the proper hair products. you can use oils, and various finishing products to define and enhance it depending on the look you are going for, choose the right product to go with your desired look.

Mid length to Long Hair
The lob has been wildly popular for years, but 2017's rendition is a bit different. The mid-length style has layers added to it maintaining the Lob shape, it is a stylish way to take your lob to the next level. It will move and look airy. Break out your blowdryer ladies because prediction is long, glossy hair and the blowout is back in full force. The girls that cut their hair shorter this past year will be ready to grow it.

Cool Girl Shags & Modern Rock Chick
What I love about this silhouette is that the cut really styles itself with soft lines and seamless layers, It can work on straight and wavy hair, long or short any way you slice it,  Rock Chicks and Shags are here to stay. Effortlessly Hip